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Features that are totally in tune and geared up to offer you the most cutting-edge smart home solutions

Smart Energy
Monitor, control and optimize energy consumption
Smart Security
AI powered cameras to scan, detect, track and report at ease
Smart Lighting
Controls light based on human presence and amount of daylight
Smoke Detection
Detects smoke presence and triggers an alarm to occupants
Burglar Alarms
First line of defense to rely on, in case of any intrusion detection
Custom Scenes
Morning scenes, Party Time, Movie Time and what not. You name it
Smart Doorbell
Captures & Sends notification to mobile to control door locks
Smart Irrigation
Controls flow of water based on soil moisture to home gardens
Smart Blinds
Open, close, raise or lower your blinds with weekly routines
Cloud Access
Impeccable way to monitor your home at your convenience
Smart Thermostat
Controls ventilation, air conditioning based on climatic conditions
Smart Garage
Open/Closes your garage based on voice recog & geolocation
Object Detection
Detects objects/people and notifies the user via doorbell ring chime
Smart Locks
Unlock your doors with mobile, NFC, Fingerprints and passcodes
Custom Sensors
Tailor made sensors to control devices through motion detection
Precision Events
Event driven controller to ensure efficient energy consumption

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Welcome to Smart Mia

Friendly Support
Rest assured, we'll be with you throughout your smart home journey, available via chat and Email.

User-friendly UI
The best and most beautiful themes for your home dashboard with intuitive UI. Choose from exclusive options
Easy Customization
It is highly customizable. You get to decide the devices to use, selections to pick, where to place and automate as per your preference

Simple Setup
Inspection of devices, Analysing wiring systems, Implementation of Smart Switches, Integrating Smart Mia Software, voila, you're good to go. It's just that simple.

How it works?

Wonder how Smart Mia works for your home? Here is a quick peek

Smart Mia Hub
All of the home devices are controlled by Smart Mia Hub. Apparently, It is more like a heart that powers and automates the whole system
Smart Switch
Next generation smart switches connected wirelessly to the hub and controlled through smart interfaces
Smart Sensors
Smart sensors mounted on home serves a lot of purpose. Sends signal back and forth to the hub and trigger custom events
Smart Interface
Last but not least, An app comes in handy, filled with elegant and animated interface to control with just a tap or voice

What's new?

Offline home automation is something under development which gives unimaginable access to control your home even if you are forbidden to an internet access and much more to come

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Whether its an old home or new home, we got it covered by transforming all the conventional devices into smart ones and take control of your home no matter where you are.